Sushi, Teppanyaki, Hibachi, Sashimi and More – Read About the Japanese Cuisine You Love

Osaka Bistro catered food sushi sashimi gyoza and other Japanese food

Why You Need Sushi In Your Diet

Sushi is truly a versatile delicacy. It can be enjoyed in a number of different ways such as nigiri, rolls, or even sashimi. Choosing one of the three forms of sushi usually comes down to personal preference. However, if you are on a diet for weight loss (or even weight gain!), sushi may be a […]

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A La Carte vs. All You Can Eat Sushi

Today we’d like to discuss a topic that is commonly asked in the sushi community here in Las Vegas–A la carte vs. All you can eat sushi. Which is better? “Better” can be quite subjective, so we can break this down into several categories. Let’s discuss each topic one by one: Before we begin this […]

Osaka Bistro catered food sushi sashimi gyoza and other Japanese food

What is Umami? More Than Just “Delicious”!

If you regularly eat Japanese cuisine, you may have heard this phrase, umami, in the past. It is a term that is commonly used to describe a delicious and savory sensation, such as biting into a juicy burger or taking a sip of piping hot meat broth. Is Umami just a word to describe something […]

Osaka Japanese Bistro: Delicious sushi takes time, dedication, and experience

What makes Osaka’s sushi & sashimi famous and well known for its high-quality fish? Exceptional Upper Management First, it starts with having an excellent team and it primarily begins from the top and trickles to the bottom. Our top starts with the owner and sushi connoisseur Gene, and only he carries the highest quality fish […]

Favorite Nigiri in Las Vegas

A simple question with multiple different answers–What’s your favorite nigiri in Las Vegas? Do you favor a popular choice such as salmon, or something more adventurous like scallop or sea urchin? Despite your answer, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality nigiri when you dine at Osaka Japanese Bistro. Yellow […]