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Sushi: The Art of Simplicity

Potatoes, grains, corn/maize, all food staples that meet the basic needs of nutrition for millions of people around the world. While a bowl of rice may not be as appealing as filet mignon, and is often associated with poverty, when artfully combined with fish and seaweed by a trained master, even the well-to-do will enjoy it. Sushi is among […]

How to: Selecting the perfect wine

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valentines day date night sushi dinner

Valentines Day Dinner Date

Say Irashaimase! to Love this Valentine’s Day at Osaka Sushi Valentine’s Day is a time of love and commitment, and nothing says “I love you” more than a night out on the town with dinner at Las Vegas’ premier sushi restaurant. Osaka of Las Vegas, located conveniently close to the strip, is the perfect place for your […]

Japanese Christmas

Have you ever wondered how people in Japan celebrate Christmas? Do Japanese people even celebrate Christmas? The answer is yes and no. Traditionally Christmas is a Christian holiday, since only about 1% of Japanese people are Christian, Christmas doesn’t really have much reason to be very popular in Japan. Despite this initial apparent conflict, the […]

Las Vegas Host Lion’s Club Wine and Sake Tasting Fundraiser

  Las Vegas Host Lion’s Club Wine and Sake Tasting Fundraiser   Osaka Japanese Bistro is proud to host the 2013 5th annual Las Vegas Host Lions Club Wine and Sake Tasting Fundraiser. Entry will include a full Japanese Buffet, featuring Osaka’s popular Sushi Boats, and access to a wide variety of wine and sake. […]