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Why Japanese People Live So Long

Longevity and the Japanese Diet Japan has one of the highest numbers of centenarians in the world. As America fights an obesity epidemic and an increase in chronic diseases at younger ages, we may wonder how Japan has achieved such a long average lifespan. The answer is probably strongly linked to Japanese diet, culture, their […]

Best Sushi Restaurants in Las Vegas: Where the Locals Go

Best Sushi Restaurants in Las Vegas Despite the fact that it is landlocked, Las Vegas is a great city to enjoy some of the best sushi. You can get sushi at all different price points from $ to $$$$$. There are many sushi restaurants in Las Vegas, so it might be difficult to determine which […]

Top Restaurants in Las Vegas: Best Views of the Strip

Top Restaurants in Las Vegas: Best Views of the Strip What are the top restaurants in Las Vegas? Well, that’s a tough one to answer because there are just so SO many palate exploding restaurants here in Las Vegas and everyone is looking for something different. Are you looking for unique tastes? A gourmet experience? […]

Sushi 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Japan’s Most Famous Food

Does interpreting a sushi menu seem like a daunting task to you? Well, then it’s time to get over your sushiahphobia (fear of sushi). Sushi is no longer reserved just for happy Japanese tummies. You can find it in almost any city from New York, NY to Austin, TX and of course here in Las Vegas. […]

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Fun Restaurants in Las Vegas

Fun Restaurants in Las Vegas Bright lights, high-kicking ladies in feathery costumes, impersonators, and FOOD. Las Vegas is known for all of the above. It is one of the entertainment capitals of the world and has undoubtedly grown to be a major foodie destination as well. Not surprisingly, there are a few local eateries that […]