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Osaka Japanese Bistro: Delicious sushi takes time, dedication, and experience

What makes Osaka’s sushi & sashimi famous and well known for its high-quality fish? Exceptional Upper Management First, it starts with having an excellent team and it primarily begins from the top and trickles to the bottom. Our top starts with the owner and sushi connoisseur Gene, and only he carries the highest quality fish […]

Favorite Nigiri in Las Vegas

A simple question with multiple different answers–What’s your favorite nigiri in Las Vegas? Do you favor a popular choice such as salmon, or something more adventurous like scallop or sea urchin? Despite your answer, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality nigiri when you dine at Osaka Japanese Bistro. Yellow […]

Sake and Sushi in Las Vegas

Pairing Sake and Sushi in Las Vegas

It seems like sake and sushi has gone hand in hand for centuries. Traditionally speaking, the two hasn’t been enjoyed together routinely until the turn of the century. The reason? Eating rice and drinking distilled rice liquor was believed to be a huge no-no. It wasn’t until sushi was introduced to the West when it […]

Host Lions Event at Osaka Japanese Bistro

Host Lions Event was a Success! ROAR!

Thank you for those that came out to our Wine and Sake event, hosted by Las Vegas Host Lions and Osaka Japanse Bistro. We had a full house during the event, with multiple generous donations from club members and attendees. Osaka Japanese Bistro provided food and beverages such as nigiri, sushi rolls, salad, and more. […]


Las Vegas Host Lions Annual Charity Event – Wine & Sake Tasting at Osaka Henderson

Come and join us for the annual charity event at Osaka Henderson, where we will host sushi, sake, and wine provided by Osaka Japanese Bistro. This annual event is for a great cause and all proceeds will be donated. When is the event? Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 2PM to 5PM. Please note that this […]